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Brainard Elementary School

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Brainard Elementary School

“Where every child comes first”


a member of the Lake View Terrace community since 1966

serving students in Pre-K through Grade 5

  • Celebrating diversity and inclusion for all students
  • Small class size for more individualized attention
  • Learning Center for intervention
  • Quality free after-school program
  • Technology programs: Every student has the opportunity to use a computer daily
  • Arts program that includes theatre, visual arts, dance, music
  • Partners with The Discovery Cube and The Hawn Foundation
  • Students have a voice in Student Council
  • Parent involvement encouraged




Brainard Avenue Elementary School is LAUSD's "hidden gem" in Lake View Terrace. Founded in 1966, Brainard has served its students proudly, providing differentiated instruction according to student needs. Brainard's mission is to engage its students who come from varied social, cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds and instill character education as well as high expectations of students in a comprehensive program that fosters the development of strong characters and students who become life-long learners. Brainard's team of  teachers plan many varied educational experiences designed to enrich student learning through the Common Core State Standards.



School Mission


Brainard Elementary is a school where students, staff, and parents work as partners to provide an enriched, challenging educational foundation in a safe, supportive, and caring environment through the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.


La escuela Primaria Brainard es una escuela donde los alumnos, personal y padres trabajan como socios para proporcionar una fundación educativa enriquecida, desafiante en un ambiente seguro, proveedor y apreciable por medio de las normas básicas del Estado común



School Vision


The vision of Brainard Elementary School is to develop responsible citizens, effective communicators, and competent problem solvers while achieving their personal best and create a lifelong love of learning. Brainard Elementary School is also home to an enriched arts program and after-school program that focuses on physical, emotional, and educational development of each child.




La visión de la escuela primaria Brainard es desarrollar ciudadanos responsables, comunicadores eficaces y competentes, solucionadores de problemas logrando su mejor marca personal y crear el amor de toda una vida de aprendizaje. La escuela Primaria Brainard es también el hogar de un programa de arte enriquecido y programas después de la escuela que se centra en el bienestar físico, emocional, y el desarrollo de la educación de cada niño.