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Behavior Expectations

Brainard Elementary School

Behavior Expectations


School Rules Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful
Lunch Area


*Walk at all times

*Sit at your assigned

table with both feet

under the table

*Wait to be dismissed

to throw out trash

*Keep food to yourself

*Keep hands and feet

to yourself

*Wait patiently in 

the food line

*Clean up all trash

*Raise hand 

wait to be


*Use quiet voices

*Follow directions

*Raise your hand for


*Allow anyone to sit

next to you


*Stay in assigned area

*Walk to and from play


*Freeze when bell rings

and walk to your line


*Use only school 


*Ball monitors bring 

out classroom balls

*Hold balls after

the bell

*Follow rules of the 


*Play fairly

*Everyone plays

*Use kind words


*Wash your hands

*Keep feet on floor

*Keep water in sink

*One person to a stall

*Put paper towels in

trash cans


*Flush toilets

*Return to your play 

classroom or play 

area promptly

*Conserve supplies

(toilet paper, paper

towels, soap, water)

*Give people privacy

*Keep bathrooms clean

*Use quiet voices

Hallways and


*Walk in orderly lines

*Stay to the right

*Watch for others and

opening doors

*Return to your 

classroom or

play area promptly

*Use quiet voices

*Hold the door for

people behind you


*Walk down aisles

*Sit back in chair

*Keep hands and feet

to yourself

*Stay seated until


*Follow traffic 


*Listen to presentation

*Follow directions

*Be courteous

Library  & 

Computer Lab

*Keep hands, feet,

objects to yourself

*Sit back against the

chair with feet in front

of you

*Get adult help

*Handle books 

and equipment


*Clean up after


*Follow school rules

*Use quiet voices

*Wait your turn

*Stay on task